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Hello everyone,

It's Katie here for a change, I've stolen the blogging reins from Ross for a week to see how it goes. Wish me luck - I could yap for Scotland so I would grab a nice cup of tea and prepare to settle yourself down for a while if I were you!

Well it's been another whirlwind of a week here in St Fergus at our photography studio. I tell ya, this setting up a new family photographers business malark is full on indeed!!! At the start of this week we were sitting at around 260 page likes when we ran our first ever competition. The response we got from you guys was utterly incredible! Totally blew us away! We aimed at a very reasonable 300. We now have 470 of you lovely people looking at our photographs. Which, for a brand new photographers, is simply delightful! We've contacted our winner who is really pleased. We do love a happy customer. But don't worry the rest of you, we will be sure to run another competition before too long.

Also this week I was away for an one-to-one newborn training session with the amazing Cass Davies. I'm going to tell you ALL about that in a special blog post this week so I won't give too much away just now. Suffice to

say, a lot was learnt and I have some beautiful images to show you all.

We've also had clients in this week for sibling and newborn photoshoots which have been great fun. We had the gorgeous, talented baby Lily in to our St Fergus studio. She was the perfect poser and gave me very little hard work to do. I even got her head on hands in a tiny wee chicken wire basket... (SPOILER ALERT: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!)

Baby Lily in Chicken Wire Basket

She truly was a wee star and I had the best time getting cuddles and keeping her safe and cosy whilst we worked away.

We also had the pleasure of Max and Yasmin this week. What an entertaining pair they were to photograph - Max was full of beans and his giggles were infectious. Whilst Yasmin chased her brother as much as possible and tried to hide from the camera, but as you'll see we still got some stunning shots of the pair of them...

Yasmin Toddler Photoshoot Sample

Young Boy Max Photoshoot

We have another busy week ahead of us, with babies, brothers, a family and more. So be sure to check in on us for some more delights to feast your eyes upon.

For now, have a lovely evening and see you soon,



(PS See Ross I can keep it short and sweet sometimes!!!)

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