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{insert cake themed pun here}

Hello Friends - hope you're all well tonight. This is just a quick post as we missed a blog on Sunday - and here's why...

Well...where to start...

My beautiful, darling wife had a birthday this week. We had an amazing family fun day out, away from the studio, but ever the pro...Katie couldn't let a nagging burst of inspiration pass her by.

"Let's do an adult cake smash!" she cried.

"Pardon?" I replied.

"They're all the rage right now, why let the kids have all the fun?"

"O...K...well...if you're sure? Who are we going to get to do that?"

"Hmmm...." pondered Katie, well aware what she was thinking.

So here we are. Now let it be said that we're nothing if not hands on at The Schoolhouse Studio and true to her word, Katie decided to bravely step up to the challenge.

Let Battle Commence

Let Battle Commence

Messy Jazz Hands

Katie's Handiwork

There Are No Words

Om nom nom nom...


Katie Surveys The Battlefield...The Conquered Having Been Slayed.

The pictures above are the edited highlights. Turns out it was a great laugh and lots of fun and something we highly recommend...perhaps as a gift for a friend's birthday if they're too shy to book themselves? Or even for a stag or hen celebration? Anything goes really. Surprise us!

Toodles and Take Care!


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