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Seeing Double

Are we all well tonight? Or indeed, today, if you're aren't reading this immediately upon posting. More importantly then, why didn't you read it immediately? You jolly well should have, because this is a brilliant blog post right here! We had a ridiculous response to our peapod photos we posted on Facebook the other day, ridiculously fantastic that is!! So I thought I'd blog about our truly special experience with the twin newborns.

Hunter and Mara (let's just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous those names are, am I right??) came to the studio at just two weeks brand new to the world. They were born a few weeks early so technically they were only about -2 weeks old. And they were precious, teeny, tiny little handfuls of pure joy. Seriously. They were amazing. I had SO much fun taking their photos. This was a good job too, because it was how I spent me and my wonderful husband's first ever anniversary! (By the way - I love you so much Toots! You are an utter pillar of support and you're just so good!) Little did I think on that beautiful, romantic day that exactly a year later I'd be sitting in our almost renovated garage, shushing twin babies to sleep in order to snuggly wrap up them in a peapod!! So much can happen in a year...

Anyway, I digress... I do that A LOT. I'm a bit like Dory... Just keep swimming, swimming ... See I'm at it again!!! BABIES, TWINS, FOCUS!!!

Right, so their wonderful mummy got in touch to ask if we could photograph her yet-to-be-born boy/girl twins. And honestly mummy and daddy? I was TERRIFIED because I knew I could do one baby, but how on earth could you keep two settled at once and getting them posed and...??! Wow! But I absolutely HAD to say yes because this was going to be amazing. And I wasn't disappointed - the babies were gorgeous and you were a lovely couple to have in the studio.

When they were booked I immediately got mum on to knitting the peapod hats- which she did splendidly. The grandparent-in-laws were tasked with securing fresh sweet peas (which they picked far too prematurely whilst the twins were still in hospital, so we needed a second batch!) Meanwhile, my dad was shown a picture and sent to his workshop to build a bunk bed! It was all hands on deck!

Anyway, Hunter and Mara brought with them their beautiful, very photogenic and even more so polite big sister Megan. She was SUCH a good girl and had a lot of patience. She truly made me smile at one point when I had her all posed and said "Right, I'm going to place the baby next to your arm now, you can't move, because you have to keep baby safe" and her response was "is this the girl one?" Not, "is this my sister" or "is this Mara", it was just "the girl one". This really made me laugh inside but it's also really stuck with me, that Megan has become big sister twofold all at once and she's doing so well! So I made sure she was just as much the centre of attention as her precious little siblings. Isn't she perfect?

I was worried that posing twins would pose all sorts of problems (if you pardon the pun!) because if one stirs it'll waken the other. Now this is maybe true for the majority - I don't know - but these guys were a gift. They loved being wrapped up cosy and nestled in to each other, hands on hands or foreheads to foreheads. Just perfection. But Hunter will tell you, it's tiring work being that darn cute!

There was one point where I had them in the bunk bed where I sat with one hand on Hunter's side and the other on Mara's rocking and shushing them both simultaneously. I thought to myself "this is crazy!" It was quite the experience I'll tell ya!!! But they both settled, tucked up all snuggled up and cosy. Megan the superstar hopped right in on cue and read them a bed time story. This is one of my personal favourites from both this session and our entire portfolio. Their matching monkeys? The touch of Dr Seuss? The fact they look like two little dollies? It's all too much cuteness to bear! Isn't it just magical?

I could honestly blog about this session till the "coos come hame!" but I guess I'll have stop at some point. After being terrified but incredibly excited to welcome this precious pair in to the studio I'm over the moon with the results and hoping that mummy and daddy like them too.

All I can say is: anyone expecting triplets? Bring it on!

Take care folks,

(And be sure to check out all the shiny new changes to our website!)



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