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Lawfully wedded photographers!

Good Sunday Evening to you all,

Tonight we have something HUGELY exciting to share with you all... I can't even bear keeping it in another second! EEK! We are totally beyond thrilled to announce that we are now taking WEDDING BOOKINGS! Whaaaat?!?! Yes it's true! How fabulous is that!?!? We've got two bookings already and I've not even published this post yet!

Ross and I are incredibly delighted and more so humbled by the warm and enthusiastic response we have received from you all since starting this venture such a short number of weeks ago. And we've decided it's time to take the next step. So, we have trained with the very best, none other than renowned and esteemed photographer Gary Hill. If you want a wedding photographer, you want Gary Hill, seriously. But he's in Englandshire, so you can't! But luckily for you, he's showed us all his tricks and tips, so now if you're looking for wedding photographers, you're looking for us - we can assure you of that!

We had a brilliant time time with Gary, who helped us refine our skills and perfect our art form. We had the most wonderful models for the day, the already married Mr and Mrs James. We feel it's time share some of our stunning images with you all. Are you ready?

These guys were pros - they looked amazing! Their red colour theme really adds a gorgeous pop against the luscious background of Pitfour Lake, don't you think? The red berries on the trees - fabulous! Don't even get us started on that cornfield we just stumbled upon - magical or what? We feel we've been able to add a bit of finesse to our images and really let our creativity out during this shoot. So we are really looking forward to welcome your wedding enquiries and can't wait to help you start planning your special day.

Our packages start at £1200 and will include a varied range of options to cater for all styles and budgets - whether you're looking for ceremony coverage or the whole day photographed with a luxurious heirloom album to treasure forever. Regardless your package, you will have the coverage of 2 photographers (me and the husband!) working together to give you the very best you could wish for on your wedding day. How wonderful is that!?

Don't hesitate to get in touch or let us know what you think of our model photographs! We'd love some feedback. Take care for now and looking forward to hearing from you soon,




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