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Your Wedding Exhibition 2022

Now, although we mention it from time to time, we also shoot weddings at The Schoolhouse Studio. Well not at the studio exactly...It would be absolutely too small for a venue. Once you'd fitted in your celebrant, harpist, bridesmaids and flowers, the happy couple would be rather less happy outside on the drive. But you get my drift...We do weddings.'s 2022, we do weddings and we have just completed our first major exhibition. The Your Wedding Exhibition 2022 and P&J Live. So how did we get on, I hear you ask...

Well it's been an exhausting two days, but we've had a great time showing off our photos. We've met many wonderful prospective clients, other exhibitors and even couples already booked, looking for inspiration to complete their wedding plans.

Your Wedding Exhibition Photography
Katie ready for day two

We've enjoyed several fashion shows at the event along with some absolutely brilliant performances from Singing Waiters by SOS, involving an enterprising Your Wedding 'Employee' deciding to take it on himself to entertain the crowd and then being reprimanded by a rather serious Italian manager. I can't explain it here, but really check those guys out. They were an absolute hoot!

Wedding couple bride groom kiss
Pick a card, any card!

So anyway. It was a great couple of days, but we're now looking forward to put our feet up this evening for a wee well as catching up with our enquiries and sending out information. If you'd like to enquire about your wedding day, you can message us through the website or send us an enquiry on the Facebook page.

Wedding Bride Groom Photograph
Deckled Edge Frame and Black Decorated

Wedding photography
Solid Birch Photograph Wheel and Box Frame

Wedding album leather lace wedding photography
A few samples of our wedding albums


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