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Posing in Wales

Happy Sunday to you all. Katie here again. Are you all doing fine?

Today I’m going to share with you all the fabulous experience I had last week. I decided on a whim, as my decisions increasingly seem to be made at the moment, that I needed some extra special one to one newborn training to add that finesse, if you will, to our images. Enter: Cass Davies. What this woman doesn’t know about babies and photography isn’t worth knowing. Put simply, she’s a legend. It’s true.

Having met Cass on our four-day whirlwind photography training retreat in Staffordshire the previous month (that’s a whole other story!) I realised pretty quickly that she knows her stuff. Better still, she is willing to impart this knowledge on those of us willing to learn. She imparts cake… like seriously this woman has many talents. So, I gave her a shout and she said I could come in September, she was getting married the next week after all. I then said seriously, I must come immediately, to which she replied that I was crackers. No news to me. So it was planned that I would head on down to her studio a few days later… 6 sleeps before her own wedding.

Baby, daddy and our hairy-baby-doggy were left snuggly in their beds as I got up to leave for the airport at an eye-watering 3am, with my poor mum in tow – she does anything to follow the fun does mum!

Quick bacon roll in the airport and before we knew it we had landed in Manchester. We were picked up by my sister and her fiancé, the ever splendid famous fantasy artist Rodney Matthews (check him out if you haven’t already).

I was thinking I was going to just south of Liverpool and before I knew it “Croeso i Cymru – Welcome to Wales”

Well that was unexpected - I’d never been to Wales. And that’s about as exciting as THAT got. We arrived at the studio and all I saw of Wales was that welcome sign and the inside of Cass’ studio – which to be fair was rather splendid.

We had two newborn models in for the day, a gorgeous wee boy and a lovely wee girly with gorgeous thick baby hair. Cass explained everything I needed to know in the morning with the wee man. She went through pose flows, lighting, angles and everything else technical as well as the more important aspects of checking baby’s breathing, colouring for heat, comfort and general happiness. I learnt so much and was raring to go with baby number two… where I could put my new skills to the test. What do you think of the results?

We also went through baby posing with older siblings well as different family shots that can be taken during a newborn shoot. Which was great fun…

I am so proud of the work that I did that day and the beautiful images that I took. Spending the day with Cass has given me so much confidence in the work that I am already doing. It's all making Ross and I very excited about our new venture and we can’t wait to welcome you to the studio soon.

On that note it’s baby bed time here at The Schoolhouse so I will say night night.



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