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...and a partridge in a pear tree

Evening all,

It's been awhile since I"ve checked in with you all. And that's because it has been utterly non-stop here at The Schoolhouse Studio. This week alone we've had 12 strawberry tarts, a piñata cake, 2 girly birthday celebrations, 2 proud big brothers, a tiny newborn boy, 2 tiny girl newborns, 2 wee boys, 5 sets of loving parents, a lovely mummy, a mummy-to be, 3 doting grannys, 2 spaniels, a golden retriever, a huge, fluffy Alsatian and a partridge in a pear tree (well maybe not the partridge!) So you'll perhaps forgive us for being off the radar!

Deciding on this week's blog topic wasn't easy because we had so much to choose from, so I thought I'd show you some photographs from a couple of our outdoor, location sessions. We had a great time on both these shoots, despite the downpour of rain during the first! We even trailed mum's antique dining chair around the park...

The first photoshoot was with wee Zane who is just turning 2. This little chap was absolutely brilliant. Enthralled with diggers and a love for sultanas, the world is his oyster. Our session went off to a great start when, clutching his digger, we stumbled upon a real life digger fixing the path at Aden. Excitement was perhaps an understatement...

He had a winning smile and enjoyed munching about among the leaves...

Our other outdoor session was with Blake. Obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, Blake turns 3 in the new year. He used his session to search for the Gruffalo and when that didn't work out, we changed tack to looking for Stick Man. Life is just one big adventure for wee Blake. He also had some of his own posing ideas, so we discussed our creative plans for the rest of our shoot...

This little dude was too adorable and it only took a verse or two of Thomas and Friends to get some cheeky Thomas smiles from him....

Hope you've enjoyed our autumnal vibes. Watch this space for loads more sneak peeks from our different shoots over the coming weeks.

Take care,



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