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Having a baby is a daunting task. For all involved. Yes...even Dads too.

There, I said it. Sorry, it's true...

Although the most natural thing in the world, it brings many challenges and dramatic changes to our lifestyles that we're not always prepared for. Even seeking information is a minefield. There are books, magazines, online guides, videos...all devoted to endless amounts of conflicting advice on looking after baby as well as every parent, grandparent, distant cousin twice removed and strangers in the street all quite keen to pass on their 'knowledge' and worldly wise advice on how to do it 'right'.

Unfortunately, one size does not fit all. Every family situation is different and every child is too. What works for one family will have others pulling their hair out in frustration...they tell you "Oh just asking our little darlings not to climb on the sofa or draw pictures on the TV should work", as it did for them. It doesn't always work like that. The world isn't like that. So that's why we're not offering any advice on what you should be doing here. We don't mind if you dummy or not, if you have to placate an angry little one with 10 minutes of Twirlywoos on the TV, or even if from time to time you wish that you could run off into the hills and hide from all responsibility for a short while and scream at the moon that this isn't how Supernanny said it was meant to be.

So what is the blog post about? A little help and a little fun. That's all. Some fun gadgets and other stuff to make life that bit more bearable when things are a little tough, so that you can enjoy the moments that matter. Moments like me and my little man here enjoying some quality time...

So here we have The Schoolhouse Studio's 5 must-haves for a more peaceful life...

1. TopElek Battery-operated Baby Bedding MP3 Player. Amazon £12.29

Baby Mp3 Mobile Turn

This is an amazing MP3 player for your baby's mobile. The benefit is that it can be used with any mobile, instead of buying an all in one. There's a slot for a memory card that you load up with tunes and it can spin or stay still whether or not you are playing music and finally, yet most importantly there are volume controls. Which brings onto the sanity saving...

2. Rockabye Baby Music. Price Varies.

This company specialises in reworking classic and modern pop and rock hits to a music box lullaby style. From Aerosmith, David Bowie to Queen up to more modern artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye West, these albums are a God send when you've finally hit the buffers listening to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the trillionth time.

3. My Shush App. iPhone £Free.

Shush App