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Pebbles and Porcini Mushrooms

Hi there,

How are we all doing today? So, after another busy few weeks here at the studio Ross decided to surprise me with a week away to Inverness. He’d booked a gorgeous log cabin ready for a fine, relaxing break away. Naturally, I packed a few lenses and planned some fab outfits for our wee man with the intentions of scouting out the perfect locations for some Highland photoshoots. Alas, our photoshoots and our seven days of fun-filled family joy were not meant to be…

On our first day we went to one of Inverness’ top rated cafes for lunch… top-rated for food-poisoning maybe! I was in bed for the rest of the day and the next… and most of the next! So, at nearly 6months pregnant, I ended up in Raigmore Hospital getting checked to make sure our wee girl was ok. She was absolutely fine, it was just her mummy suffering. We got going by Wednesday and had a rather slow-paced meander round a few of the local villages. Here’s one of Ross’ shots of the exquisite bridge at Carrbridge…

There was a family of Heilan Coos living outside our lodge too, very picturesque!

Our wee mannie had the best week, regardless of my being bed-ridden for most of it! His daddy kept him amused and full of ice-cream! He loved running round and round the lodge playing with pebbles and yapping to the coos. I did manage to get out with the camera on one solitary occasion and caught some lovely moments of his wee cheeky face. Here is playing teet-a-bo round the corner of the chalet…

And another of hoodie-boy, stopping for a quick breather next to the wood shed…

And another, lost in a happy daydream with his favourite pebble! What a boy…

After eating only 2 bananas and a jelly pot for the first half of our holidays I was desperate for a tasty meal. So, we found this hotel that was meant to be 5* and I just hoped it didn’t have dodgy coleslaw like the first place we went to. As we drove up the scenic driveway we passed the hotel sign that said “Coul House Hotel – Deliciously Relaxing”. It couldn’t have been more lovely. For some bizarre reason we had the entire dining room to ourselves with around three or four waiters. We were addressed as Sir and Ma’am for the duration, but there were no smiley face chips and beans on this menu for our little dude. We chose the chef’s savoury bread and butter pudding with porcini mushrooms for his lunch to which the waiter checked we were sure… “It’s rather a strong flavour ma’am, are you certain?” to which I replied “his favourite foods are pickled onions and marmite… so we’ll try him!” … “Ok, good man!”, he said. He nummed the whole lot up and waited patiently for his icecream… with fresh berries and 110% dark cocoa chocolate on the side… he couldn’t get enough (excuse the iphone pic, didn’t like to take the camera in!)

Well our holiday didn’t quite go as planned but we had a lovely time in the end for the last few days. Now, we are home though and back into the thick of it again… with three newborns, a couple of toddlers, boy and girl twin sitters and a yellow Labrador ahead of us this week. So, on that note folks I’ll say bye for now and hope to welcome you in to the studio soon…



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