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Sisterly love!

Why hello there! Are you well?

Another fun-filled, jam-packed week has just flown by here at The Schoolhouse Studio! The schools are back which means - living next door to the school and all - that Ross and I have lots of smiles and "hellos" to look forward to whenever we leave the house during breaks or lunch time. We've always had this, but it's in abundance now that we've had so many of your little ones in to the studio over the summer. So we get a cheery "HIYA!!" and a big wave, furiously followed by "Fa's at?!" and the obligatory "Oh she's i' photographer!" Hahaha! Makes us laugh every time!

So amongst a host of going ons this week, we also welcomed our recent competition winners into the studio for their session. Lesley brought her two gorgeous wee girls in for a sisterly shoot. Grace and Abigail were so very excited and could hardly sit at peace when they arrived. I thought it would be nice to share some behind the scenes pictures of their infectious giggles and sisterly capering. (The following photos are *unedited* out takes)

As you can see we had a great time. We chatted about Olaf the snowman and Paddington Bear, amidst piles of giggles as the sisters tried to tickle each other and try to squish the other as they posed!

As well as all the fun and silliness they did, however, give me plenty opportunities to capture their winning smiles and gorgeous expressions! Here's just a taster of how fab their photos are turning out...

Aren't they simply stunning? I do love a good sibling session! I had a truly great time with the girls and can't wait to have them back to look at all their photographs.

If you would like to book your girls, or boys, or intact the whole family in for a photoshoot, don't hesitate to get in touch.

As an aside, it's my mum's birthday today and we just want to wish this very special, wonderful woman a very, Happy Birthday!

So, that's all for us just now, unless you've not yet booked in for our Christmas Spectacular, in which case - GO! DO IT NOW! Ok? Only £25 to book now! So GO FOR IT!

Done it yet?? Good!

Thanks for now and much love,



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