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Here we are again!

Oh dearie me...dearie, dearie's time for the "second difficult album" blog post.

It's reasonably easy to write the first one. Hi there, this is us, this is what we do...cheerio. See? First blog post in a nutshell. Now we have to be entertaining or fun or...tell you stuff to keep this blog going. Hmmm.

Well if you're following us on Facebook, you'll no doubt have seen that we're running a competition this week, ending Friday 22nd July. You can view the competition post here

If you're not following us on Facebook, first of all why not?? SMH* (That's another blisteringly up to date internet acronym for you right there!, btw) Go there right now and do so. We'll wait...


'🎶 tum ti tum 🎶'


'🎶 doo doo di doodle 🎶'


Right, thanks for that, and secondly, how on earth did you find us?? Seriously??...we're starting to be googleable, but it takes some time. We keep being confused with an Australian Arts Centre.


So we've just completed our second week as the Schoolhouse Studio. It's really been quite an eye opener with the interest and enthusiasm that we've had so far...Exceeding all our expectations. We had a shoot with the lovely cutie, wee baby Joolz who also decided that like Alannah the previous week, no sleep and eyes open was the order of the day!! Eek! She was very well behaved though and didn't get upset at all. Even managing to polish off a full bottle of milk during her shoot. Thirsty work this modelling lark, don't you know?

Lovely baby Joolz

Thanks Katie for choosing a sleeping picture and making me look like a big eejit.

Following Joolz we had beautiful sisters Willow and Autumn for their shoot too. Their mummy brought the most gorgeous outfits and they both really knew how to 'work the camera'...which is more than we do. JOKE!! - I am so going to get into trouble for that. My inner voice has no boundaries and now it's freeeeee (Eye rolls commencing from Katie) MWAHAHAHA! ...Ahem.

Sisters Willow and Autumn

So there you have it. All in all a very productive, fun week and also the end of the second blog post proper. I wasn't as funny as in the first post... a bit disappointing, but full of optimism for the next post! Probably as I'm not going to be writing it!

Take care, enjoy the photos and see you next time.


The Schoolhouse Studio

*shaking my head...quite disapprovingly too.

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