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Tell me (not) on a Sunday...


I am back...I would have said that in the title, but it wouldn't have looked so cool...but then you didn't know I've been away, which I haven't. So, errrr?

So what am I on about?

I'm doing a mid week blog! Yay. Don't all slow clap me at once.

I've been itching to get back on the blog, but since Katie had a go, she decided she liked it and muscled me out of the way. Not as much fun as it sounds, btw! (Love you hon!)

So then, since it's a mid week blog it'll be a bit different. I have to leave all the important stuff for the main blog on Sundays, but I might get to nick the odd bit here and there. Ooooh, exciting huh? I can hear you all now,

Ross, poss from the back o' the moss

Strike a blog pose!

(This is why it's safer when I'm behind the camera)

"Will he publish the story that Katie was planning or won't he?" or, " Jings, this guy fairly knows how to keep you on the edge of your pail!" (If you happen to be Oor Wullie) or, "My nerves can't take it, get this guy off the internet!" Nail biting stuff let me tell you!

So rather than prattling on about what is going to happen, à la blog 1.0...just go with the flow.

Right, well...we're well on the way with the transmogrification of the studio. That means renovation in a magical way (Ooooh 2) i.e. the coffee machine is ordered! Hey don't knock it, the coffee is yum! (sorry I had to say that, but it's better than Yumbles - Thanks Bill Bailey) But we have a new wall going up and flooring going down too. Some things are going sideways, but then they get shifted back as we prefer them where they were. It's been hectic getting so many things organised but getting there now. Honestly, it's different for everyone that comes to the Schoolhouse at the moment as we're constantly revising, updating and throwing out ideas and thoughts.

We have some great new shoot compositions coming up as well as some things that people just love, so we're doing them too lol. And. The. Props. Are. A. Maze. Balls!! Seriously, they've been flying in from many amazing locations all over the world, I'm surprised you haven't seen them on their travels...(Really? REALLY!)

And on this blog I'm pleased to announce also that we have a new lighting technician and scout. To be honest he doesn't really say much though...and from me to you, like, don't tell him I told you this, but he's most affa dour, but like, don't tell him I said that...I mean...I'm not a gossip, but....I'm only telling you cos I like you!

Oi, why you reading this? It's not meant for you!

See? Just has a face that sighs...

Now a little bit of promotionising. We still have some slots available for our back to school photo shoots. We've lots of fun props and sweets too, so there'll be something a bit different for everyone. You don't have to look well behaved and mild mannered if you don't want to, ...Yeah....stick it to the man. STICK IT TO THE MAN! But you have to be in your school uniform, because it's back to school photos innit? It ain't 1950's primary school photos we take here...but we can if you want to lol...It's all good! ;-)

An outtake from our shoot with the wonderful

(and full of chocolate (before dinner too!!)) and ever smiling Aimee.

Well you need some sort of bribery before you're going to put on your school clothes on a Sunday, during the Summer holidays, don't you?

A model, model indeed!

Well there we are. My first not a Sunday blog post (apart from that other one I did with the boat, not on a Sunday, but that wasn't really a blog post so I needn't have mentioned it - Phew) Work beckons...

Have a good one. Enjoy Katie's upcoming Blog and I'll see you when I see you!


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