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Hi there. Hope you're all fine today. Missed the blog deadline...its been so very busy we haven't had much time to think. Everything's a whirl of action, so I'm going to make bullet points. Pay attention... Pretty please?

1. We're now proud members of...Banpas


This may or may not mean anything to you, but if you click on the logo above you'll be able to view some of the safe working methods we employ when working with your little bub, including composites for amazing effects!

2. We are also proud members of The Guild of Photographers and The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers...

Photo Guild

These help us keep our finger on the pulse and also helps us bring you the best deals and special offers, which is nice!

3. Our new comfy seating is on it's way! (See what I did there with the title? And you thought it was a typo!)

4. Just a wee reminder that we're a family business and even our little one is feverishly at work testing all the props! (No compromises)

Prop Tester

(Katie says to make clear it's a camera phone piccie and not indicative of the quality of service we provide! Get her, eh? )

And that's about it. Oh...and a gentle reminder about our The Schoolhouse Studio Christmas Spectacular. Or TSSCS...Hmmm somehow that seems a fitting noise given that we're a Schoolhouse! Don't worry though, there will be no tssks at The Schoolhouse Studio (apart from those aimed at me I suppose!)

Anyway. Enjoy Hump day and Katie will see you Sunday! *

Keep well


* Apparently Hump day is Wednesday, not Thursday. Now it's Humph day for me.

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