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Two's company

I think we must be fast becoming the Northeast's go-to newborn twin photographer specialist! Yes, we've had another set of twins in already, since launching the studio such a short time ago. This time we had two boys - brothers Mayson and Miller and they were utterly scrumptious! At 4 weeks old they were lovely, squidgy and virtually impossible to tell apart if it weren't for Mayson's tiny tufty Mohawk! Too adorable:

Having twins in our photography studio means twice the fingers and toes; twice the little squeaks and snuffley noises; twice the cuddles; and twice the obligatory piddles. But of course it wouldn't be a normal day at the studio if I didn't need a good shower after a session haha! Believe me though, the snuggles, baby sighs and irresistible pouty lips more than make up for a few nappy-realted incidents. I'm sure you'll agree that it's completely and entirely worth it, when you see one of the photographs:

Couldn't you just eat them with a spoon??? You could tell that their parents were so very proud of their two brand new boys, just as you could tell how much the boys loved each other. They adored being nestled up close and squidged up skin to skin with each other. There was a lot of brotherly love going on in the studio during their session, even a spot of hand-holding. Brace yourselves for this unbearable cuteness:

Mummy could so use that for black mail when they're big boys!

So I had this new prop to use and when I knew these two little guys were coming I couldn't wait to set the scene. They did not disappoint. Drifting off to sleep, drifting out to sea:

How enchanting is that? They were so content huddled up in their wee sail boaty, with not a care in the world:

These two buds were amazing to work with and an absolute pair of charmers. They're going to be a right pair of heartbreakers, I'm sure of it!

I feel so lucky doing what I'm doing with Ross alongside me, with any number of babies be it one or two at a time! It's very humbling when parents entrust their precious little bundles to me in order to capture these precious early moments. It also means I get A LOT of baby cuddles, which is most probably the best part. That along with seeing the parent's reactions to the images that I've put my work and heart in to.

If you have a wee one on the way then please don't hesitate to get in touch to get booked in for a relaxing few hours, a fine cup of coffee; all the while knowing your baby is in very safe hands and that you'll get some beautiful pictures to keep forever. Or if you know someone who is expecting then tag them on our Facebook page or share a post of ours. We love seeing new folk enjoying our page!

Well, enjoy the rest of your day everyone and we will see you soon.

Thanks for dropping by, as ever,



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